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Our company

A reality much more than a dream

Although the Supers family is our light motivator and tends to dream of the future and super powers, our team has a good head on its shoulders!

  • A site running 2.0... 3.0
  • A customer service team at your service
  • Products regularly renewed
  • And your ideas?

A site running 2.0 and even 3.0 ideas

Reflection, development, integration and qualification

DealPower was able to take the post-2000 turn where it all began. After many years of start-up, the Internet really took off 5 years ago with the advent of smartphones and other tablets.

DealPower therefore implements real development and integration tools on a daily basis to enhance the value of all the products offered.
A Customer Service Department
at your disposal
The guideline that guides our knowledge:

    "Your most dissatisfied customers are your greatest source of learning"
    - Bill Gates

It is for these reasons that we have chosen to have a customer service department within our company located in France. We have a switchboard and an email address to answer customer questions.
Products regularly renewed

Super power!

Our super power is precisely to "power"; but to be able to what? To be able to offer you all the best products of the current lifestyle at an unbeatable price in order to give back to the customer his best "super power" which is the purchasing power.

Our articles are therefore regularly renewed in order to always offer a trendy offer that follows the evolution of fashion, technological and stylistic innovations.
We'll probably have
the idea that comes to you!

Any ideas?

"Listening to customers is our spearhead in order to satisfy each of them, our cornerstone for building an offer adapted to their needs, is the keystone that supports our activity".

For these reasons we offer you the opportunity to express yourself in order to give you the power to create.