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We offer the possibility to pay your order with the most successfull method :

DealPower the assurance of a safe purchase

We regularly update our application and our internal security policies.

Our infrastructure based in France is secured and ensured accordingly to avoid any form of deviance related to e-commerce.

The web addresses you visit via our website ( and are all on a secure channel (https) which avoids the hacking of the connection between you and us.

In addition, our online payment partner PayPlug ensures the proper functioning of credit card payments, with a secure infrastructure and 3D Secure operation recommended by the CNIL.

Be sure to adopt a good posture when shopping online and especially good reflexes to make a purchase serene.

Follow the guide, proposed by the CNIL:

Adopt the right reflexes

  1. Never buy online from a public Wi-Fi

    It is strongly discouraged to log on to its banking site or a payment site connected via a public wifi or a hotel wifi. Among the risks; a hacker may take the opportunity of a poorly encrypted WiFi to install malicious software on your device or intercept some of your data.

  2. Beware of unknown sites!

    Beware of fake sites! Before buying, always inquire about the reputation of the site and favor purchases on recognized sites (read the notes / reviews of consumers, beware of sites that offer a price significantly lower than its counterparts ...).

  3. Unencrypted payment channel, flee ...

    At the time of payment, enter only your bank details on a form that includes an HTTPS security (a small padlock is visible in the address bar of your browser). In general, never give your credit card number and the visual cryptogram (trigram) by phone, email or via a non-secure channel specifically for this purpose.

    In any case, an online merchant can not ask you to send a copy of the payment card even if the visual cryptogram and some of the numbers are hidden.

  4. Privilege security to save time ...

    It is best not to register your card on a smartphone application. The CNIL recommends the non-retention of data on the payment card on the application or in the browser of the customers to the extent that these terminals are not necessarily designed to ensure optimal security of bank data.

  5. Activate the double lock!

    Set up a double payment security offered by your bank. It can be materialized by a secret code requested just after a payment. This one can be sent to you by SMS, by email, by phone, the SMS code being used most often.

Too late ?

You have the option to contact your banker to request the refund of fraudulent transactions or request the allocation of a new credit card. In case of dispute by the cardholder within 15 months after the transaction, the merchant will be withdrawn by his bank the amount he had collected.

You can contact the National Opposition Center on 0825 39 39 39 (€ 0.34 per minute). This number allows to immediately oppose his credit card, especially in case of theft or loss in France. Please contact your bank office as soon as possible in your country.
From abroad, dial +33 442 605 303. Open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Source :, les visuels présentés sont la propriété exclusive de la CNIL